Counseling & Addictions


Refuge is Christ-centered addiction group. Come join us and experience the encouragement, guidance and support necessary to move forward with your life.   Our goal is not to just overcome the addiction--our goal is to be radically right with God and free in Christ! We will be meeting Thursday nights at 7:00. Come be a part of what God is going to do through Refuge as we together pursue wholeness and victory through Christ Jesus our Lord. Call the church office 664-4801 for further information or follow the link below.


As committed Christian counselors and interns, we seek God’s healing presence in the counseling relationship. We ask God to use our knowledge and skills to help those who come to us for counseling. Live Oak UMC Counseling Center is a ministry of Live Oak United Methodist Church. We help people enjoy life more fully! We help couples improve their relationships in areas such as communication, conflict/anger management, financial management, and sexual intimacy.  We help parents and their children manage some of the difficult times of growing up, including school-related issues. We help people overcome traumatic life experiences such as the loss of a loved one, divorce, or abortion. We assist victims of violence and those who are burdened by care-giving. Whether your situation is a result of stress, anger, grief, conflict, drug and alcohol abuse, or some other, we can help you and your family enjoy life again. Be assured that your visit with us will be strictly confidential, including all phone calls. Most cases can be addressed in a reasonable timeframe of ten sessions or less. This will be discussed at the initial visit. There is no fee - a love offering will be accepted. Contact Counseling Department at 225-664-4801 for information or appointments.